Easy Brain Drain in India Essay

Brain Drain in India Essay

Brain Drain

Brain Drain refers to the situation when educated and skilled people mostly in the field of education students and professionals migrate out of their native country in search of better pay scales and improved lifestyle. It is done so as to improve their current standard of living. This phenomenon is mostly seen in the developing countries like India, where the professionals find it hard to improve their living conditions as well as the salary as the number of people are too high. Also, highly educated students move to more developed countries like US, UK, Europe etc where they can do their advanced studies or find a high paying job after settling there. 


Brain Drain can be classified as follows – – –

Organisational: when people from an organisation move out as they find the top brass of the organisation to be less supportive than what they had expected. As a result, the organisation finds a loss of the human capital. The workers who move out are highly talented professionals who want improved lifestyles along with better paycheques. Thus, going out abroad gives them a hope for this.

Educational: this is when highly qualified students with good academic records move out of the country to more developed ones for their higher studies. After completing their studies, they tend to settle abroad as the pay scales are more tempting and the standard of living is pretty good as compared to the developing countries like India. Also, it’s easier to find a good paying job there as the number of people is less in their places.

Origin of the word

This term was first coined by the Royal Society in Europe when the highly skilled and talented scientists and technologists were making a move to America in the post war era. Another origin dates back to the time when professionals from India were migrating to the United Kingdom in search of high paying jobs and improved life style. At first this term was used to describe only the skilled professionals moving out in large numbers from a country to highly developed countries. But later it was broadened to include skilled students who move out. 

To sum it up, brain drain is a relative phenomenon where a substantial part of the more skilled people moves out of a country with respect to the others living here. 

Impact of Brain Drain

Brain drain brings about a massive impact on the country from where the skilled workers migrate out. But at the same time, in countries where these workers and students move into, they see a higher advantage. Let’s discuss it one by one.

  1. Education and innovation

This is the area which is the most badly affected by brain drain. It really makes it very unfortunate to see the loss of such talented and highly skilled professionals. These professionals if they had stayed in the country then they could have contributed to the growth and development of the country. They could have done better research and led to stunning innovations. Similarly, the more talented students would have contributed more in the field of scienceBrain Drain in India Essay and technology. By joining in institutes of eminence in the country, the rankings of these institutes would have improved and could have given a tight fight to the other top universities of the world. This would have led to more foreign students joining these institutes and thus the net development of the country would have increased.

  1. Economy

Loss of talented and skilled professionals and students have a negative impact on our economy. If the country could have kept these individuals then they would have contributed towards the GDP and economy of the country. The logic is simple – more qualified people means higher technology and better innovations which in turn would have led to better research and much improved development. Thus, this would bring in more investors who would put large amounts of money for such technology and in such a way the economy of the country would have increased.   

What can be done to stop it?

As seen from above brain drain is a loss to the country’s reputation as well as the economy. Loss of skilled workers and professionals is like a debt which keeps on increasing. So, it needs to be toned down as it can’t be stopped altogether.

First of all, the government must understand the reasons why brain drain is happening. The reason is simple—people are not getting what they would have liked in their own country. Thus, the primary task is to recognise these talents and try to persuade them to stay in the country. This is only possible when government raises the salary of these workers and make the standard of living of living good. By good, it means that the living and working conditions in our country should be made as comparable to foreign countries.

Secondly, there should be large investments in the human resources. The people should be given access to much better education and professional courses which will enable to develop their skill sets. Thus, in the event of people migrating out of the country, these people can come up and perform the work. Although they won’t be able to match the skilled workers, still the development won’t fully stop. An example of this is the setting up of skill development missions throughout the country by the government. These places aim to empower the local people with skills and technology which will make them able to contribute towards the country’s economy.

Thirdly, the higher institutes in our country must be improved. It seems all of them have become theoretical based and thus no new research and innovations are coming up. At the earliest these institutes need a makeover. Experienced teachers should be made to take up classes via the distance learning. As well as the people making the education policies should be replaced with people of the new generation as the oldies are not capable enough to understand the basic reforms needed to change the education sector and thus make the education more research oriented and practical based.


Thus, as seen from above brain drain is a problem that needs to be tackled at the earliest or else, we will be losing our talent to foreign countries. So the government must make the laws and policies that favour the working professionals and then students and make them believe in the future that they have hoped for within the motherland.

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