Easy Essay on environment for class 10

essay on environment for class 10


Environment is the visible as well as he non visible surroundings that sustain life on the Earth. The living part of the environment is called biotic component and the non-living part is the abiotic component. It directly affects the people associated with it. it can be living as well as non-living. Each part of the environment has its own characteristics and it affects the ecosystem in its own way.

How is the environment build?

The environment is composed of 4 different spheres namely lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. We will look into the details of each of them.

Atmosphere: this part of the environment consists of the gases that affect people, animals, plants and other living beings. Oxygen is the gas needed by the human beings while Carbon di oxide is needed by plants for their living. The atmosphere also consists of sunlight which is needed to sustain life on Earth. 

Hydrosphere: this part of the environment consists of the water bodies that is found on the surface of the Earth. Almost 70% of the surface of the Earth comprises of water. However, not all of them is suitable for consumption by human beings and other life forms. Thus, before consuming water we should make sure that it is properly cleaned and free of germs.

Lithosphere: this is he solid part of the earth’s surface which comprises of the top most layer called the crust. It is the rocky part of the surface and consists of land which includes rocks as well as other valuable metals and chemicals. The rare earth metals found here are very precious and needs a lot of money to buy them. 

Biosphere: this is the sum total of the area of the earth which consists of all the living things. When we use the term biosphere, we mean animals, plants, human beings as well as the smaller microorganisms which are found in the surface of earth. 

Life on Earth is possible only because of the interaction of the different organisms found in the 4 spheres of the Earth. Each of them is dependent on one another to sustain life.

Facts regarding environment

1. Oxygen is inhaled by humans to live and exhale out Carbon di oxide which is needed by plants to carry out photosynthesis.

2. Environment consists of different resources like water, air, sunlight, plants, humans, animals, minerals, metals etc.

3. The trees are the source of a lot of products for the greatest living organisms- the humans. They provide us with air, food, fuel, medicine etc amongst others. 

4. Although 70% of the Earth’s surface is composed of water bodies, only a few portion of them is suitable for human consumption. Hence, many areas in the world face water scarcity problem. 

Current condition of the environment

The ancient people used to worship environment and take care of it like their own children. But nowadays the condition of the environment has become so bad that it would have been unimaginable for people of older generations.

The environment has been affected by pollution in a very alarming way. Day by day the lifespan of our ecosystem is decreasing due to the unruly behaviour of human beings.

People are recklessly using the natural resources without thinking about the future. Due to technological advancements, people are cutting down the natural resources to build roads, buildings, factories etc.

Global Warming is threatening to destroy mother earth once and for all. Overall, the health of the environment has degraded very rapidly. If this rate continues, then one day life on earth will cease to exist.  

Effects of polluted environment

Pollution has badly affected the ecosystem around us. Due to air pollution, people are getting respiratory diseases like asthma and lung cancer. The air standard has decreased to a very bad condition. The WHO has released the list of most polluted cities and shamelessly 3 Indian cities feature among the top most polluted cities. In India, Delhi is the city which has the worst affection due to water pollution.

Water pollution is the source of many water borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea etc. Animals die due to drinking of polluted water. As i said above already, not all the water found on the surface of Earth is suitable for human consumption.

The government has marked the dangerous tube wells in red colour in our country. The other sources of pollution like soil pollution, thermal pollution have drastic effects on all the living organisms found in the Earth. 

What can be done to save environment?

Solutions are many to save our environment. However, the need of the hour is to take proper actions rather than just making plans and not acting on them. 

First and foremost, the golden way to save our environment is by planting more and more trees. The planting of trees will enable to help to make the quality of air better. this will lead to reduced air pollution and increase the lifespan of people.

In India’s Mumbai, in a place called Arrey, people protested against the civic bodies as well as the government when they wanted to build roads for laying of metro lines in that area. eventually, the Supreme Court directed the government to stop their development activities by sacrificing the trees. 

Next golden rule is to stop the use of plastics. Plastics are dangerous as they are not degraded easily and usually stays in the soil and water bodies for a long-time stagnating life there. When animals consume food from plastics, they swallow the plastic bag as well. It gets stuck on their throat and thus lead to their deaths. Recently, the govt has banned the use of single use plastic bags in India. This has forced the shopkeepers to sell food in paper bags and people are now carrying bags from home made out of jute and cotton. 

Another golden way to save our environment is to use renewable resources of energy for fuel consumption. Instead of fossil fuels we can use solar energy as well as LPG in case of wood. This will surely help to reduce pollution which will help to save our environment.


Enough has been said about saving our environment. However, the time is ripe to act on them. young activists are coming forward and urging the govts all across the world to save the environment and to make stricter laws to punish the offenders. If not done, then it will lead to loss of life and support from the earth’s surface. 

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