Essay on Road Safety Class 12 in 1000 words

This topic of the article explains the essay on road safety class 12, 11, 10, 9 also read this beautifully explain articles in 1000 words. This essay focus on the importance of road safety rules.

Road safety refers to the sets of measures and actions undertaken in order to make the road users safe. The safety of the road user is from accidents and mishaps. Common type of users includes pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicle riders, heavy vehicle riders etc.

Road traffic accidents are one of the biggest hindrances in the development of a nation. It accounts for the largest number of deaths and accidents every year. The problem is large because before the crashes these people remain fully fit and healthy. Hence all the road accidents lead to the loss of productive people in the society. Thus, it becomes so important to make some standard protocols that cater to the road users in the event of accidents.

Road Safety Concerns

Global statistics on Road Safety reveal significant changes based on the nation’s population and its economy. Developed countries have in store much better road safety measures which are operated by a large network of precautionary measures. Contrastingly, the situation is very grim in developing nations.

From the studies it has been revealed that around 1.5 Million lives are lost every year due to road accidents all over the world. What’s more disheartening is the fact that more than 90% of these deaths occur in under developed and developing nations. And around half of that figure constitutes road users like pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

Another shocking fact that has been revealed from the studies is that nearly 40 million people suffer non-fatal injuries which don’t cause the death of the road user but which often results in a permanent disability and makes the person unproductive. 

These figures reveal one thing – safety of the road users have to be increased at any costs so that the government can make use of the resources for the betterment of the society.

essay on road safety class 12

Importance of road safety

The importance of Road Safety is of utmost concern for the agendas of sustainable development to be successfully implemented. A fatal road accident results in shock, trauma, mental pressure etc. not only for the victim but also for the relatives and near and dear ones.

Moreover, road crashes in the developed countries cost nearly 3% of the overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since these people would have been useful in contributing towards the economy of the country.

Also, luckily when the victim of an accident is lucky enough to survive and see another day, he/she is most likely to have developed a form of disability which will make him fall under differentially abled.

This creates a headache on the victim’s family as well as the government as he /she would have to be provided with special grants and benefits thereby spending resources from the country’s economy. Thus, it becomes so important to implement and formulate strict guidelines and principles to protect the lives of its citizens. Road safety must be given due priority and must be initiated quickly in case of emergency.

Factors that affect road safety

There are various factors that govern the road safety laws. Some of them are as follows –

  1. Behaviour of the people: this is a prime factor in governing the rules and regulations. A driver who habitually jumps signals or a pedestrian who frequently walks down the wrong side of the road is doomed to meet the fatal accidents. These types of rowdy behaviour must be strictly dealt with and heavy fines must be imposed on them.
  2. Underage drivers: most of the accidents are caused by drivers who don’t meet the minimum age to drive (18 years in India). In such cases, the vehicles must be seized and fines and seizure of the license and RC of the parent must be undertaken.
  3. Drink and Drive: one of the most irresponsible works that can be done by a person. During such times one must not be allowed to drive under any conditions. He/she must be accompanied by a driver who is not drunk.
  4. No seat belts: this work is ignored by people most of the times. The seat belts can reduce the after effects of an accident by 90% and in many cases save the lives of the people. 
  5. No helmets: wearing a helmet for the rider as well as the pillion rider is mandatory. The helmets can do wonders and save the lives of people all the times. However, it is necessary to have the helmet in proper working condition.
  6. Potholes: roads are built poorly by the contractors by using low cost materials. As such, after a small rain the roads become impossible to travel. This also causes deaths in many parts of our country.

Role of the government

The govt has a pivotal role in ensuring road safety of the people. It must ensure that the vehicles are made and designed conforming to all the safety checks and passes all the crash tests.

The govt must also make it mandatory for the car manufacturers to provide safety functions in the car as part of the standard fitment. Also, separate lanes must be designated for the travel of different types of vehicles as well as for the pedestrians. The govt of India recently amended the Motor Vehicle Act in 2019 which imposes stricter fines and harsh penalty statements for the defaulters.

While many people view this as a positive step towards ensuring safer roads, many think that it is nothing but a money-making business. It’s simple – there are always two sides of the same story. Its just based on different perspectives.

One may see this as a lot of fines and thus ride safely on the roads following all the laws; while the other who is very safe on the road may think that this is just pure business and won’t give a damn to it.

Thus, we can safely conclude that the importance of road safety is second to none.

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