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This is one of the most commonly used words that you people will come across. Right from the school days to working in offices we hear the word discipline. It seems like a heavy thing to do and follow. However, in reality it’s not. Discipline simply means to obey a standard set of rules and procedures set by the organisation like a school, office, club etc. Each place will have different sets of rule and regulations and thus to be disciplined we must behave according to these rules. So, if you are disciplined in school by following certain rules, you may not be deemed to be disciplined in office if you follow the same rules and regulations.

Best Importance of Discipline Essay 500 words

Types of discipline

There are basically 3 types of discipline. These types mean that disciplinary rules and regulations may be set in 3 ways on which   person will be judged while in a place.

The first type is the preventive discipline. This type of disciplinary rules is set to prevent a person from being indiscipline. This is mostly found in schools and colleges where the school authorities lay down certain rules and regulations that stop a student from being rude and indecent.

Once a student breaks down these rules, he/she is punished which stop him/her from committing the same mistake in the future. Even though he/she may not stop, it actually helps to curb down the misdeeds of the student as it makes him/her careful.

The second type is the supportive discipline. It aims to inculcate the practices of self-control and other positive virtues like anger management which makes the person calm.

This is based on feedback from the person’s responses and aims to help the person to go come back on track. It is a sort of rehabilitation which helps a person to develop himself/herself after wandering here and there due to some reasons. 

The third type is the corrective discipline. This is the most extreme form of discipline as many people find it rude when they are forced to get corrected.

Correction may be like stopping a person from doing something or asking him/her to do voluntary service or he/she may be simply asked to take leave and stay out of the club or work place. In many cases it is found to be intimidating and can leave a bad impression on the person as rarely people like such measures. However, it is found to be effective. 

Advantages of being disciplined in life

From our childhood days parents always keep on nagging us to be disciplined. At that age we normally ignore the messages from our parents and be like a free bird roaming around.

However, once we become matured only then we realise how valuable this virtue of being disciplined is. First of all being disciplined makes us achieve our success. The reason is simple. We become well organised in our life, the mind becomes clear and we know about our goals and aims.

So, we can aim to achieve our missions and career objectives with much ease and thus it paves way for our success. Secondly, it brings about the perfectionist nature from within us. This is essential because when we perform any work, we then tend to make it perfectly which brings out the best of us.

If we don’t think that the work was perfect, we do it again and again until we are satisfied. Thus, this makes the work that we do best. Thirdly, in our professional life if we are disciplined then we tend to get more opportunities. Seniors would like to give us important tasks and if we can do it properly then it paves way for our promotions enabling higher status and position and respect for us. 

Principles of Discipline Management

The first principle of discipline management is to find a balance between taking disciplinary action and its effects on the person upon whom it is being taken. This is important for a teacher and parents. It is because the way you decide to discipline the child will make him have feelings for you. It the measures are too hard, then the child may develop a feeling of hatred towards you which will harm the relationship between you two. 

Another principle is the use of affective approach. If you can use affection while discipling the child then he/she will learn quickly and is less likely to repeat the same mistakes. Also, it imbibes in the child a feeling of love towards the parent or the teacher. Thus, in the long run it is very effective as it brings about a good culture in the child. 

Challenges towards Discipline Management

Lack of effective communication is the biggest hurdle in implementing discipline among the subjects. Many a time there is no proper communication between the person who does the wrong and the person who is entitled to do the discipling work. Thus, it has seen rise in misbehaviour and hatred towards the person who takes the corrective action. Also, it is unfair to be wrongly disciplined without the wrongdoer knowing what went wrong. 

Lack of respect towards the authority is another issue. Nowadays there are hardly a few students who are afraid of their teachers in schools or colleges. They tend to mock the system and thus no fear is amongst them. Discipline management is virtually impossible when there is no respect for the seniors.

Sometimes the seniors entitled to discipline the junior ones tend to have disruptive behaviour. They may show a lack of interest towards the work or may simply lose hope towards making the juniors better people. Such issues also hurt while implementing discipline. Thus, leadership management is also very important.


Discipline is an art that is hard to master. There are lot of struggles in achieving that perfect form of discipline. Also, there are hurdles in implementing discipline amongst the juniors and the young students. However, discipline is a must to achieve success in life. So, we need to master the art of being in discipline to make ourselves better human beings.

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