Easy My Country Essay 200 words

Let begin with the fact that my Country India has a large geographical area with diverse culture. So “My Country Essay 200 words” Starts from below-

My Country Essay 200 words

India (officially called: The Republic of India is a country in South East Asia. It is the 7th largest country in terms of area. It is the 2nd highest populous country.

India is bounded by the Indian Ocean on its south; on the southwest by the Arabian Sea and by the Bay of Bengal on the southeast.

It shares land boundaries with Pakistan on its western border; Nepal, Bhutan and China on the northern border and Myanmar and Bangladesh on the eastern front. The southern border includes the Indian Ocean. 

As defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, the name India has been derived from the Latin word India which refers to the region in South Asia and an unknown region in the east.

Also, many people use the word Bharat which has seen extensive use in classical Indian poetry and in literature books. Moreover, the Mughals used the term Hindustan which refers to India and has its origins in Middle Persia. 

My Country Essay 200 words – Paragraph

Ancient Indian history refers to the first human beings coming to the Indian subcontinent as early as 55000 years ago. About 30000 years ago, the first modern humans came into existence.

Domestication of animals and growth of crops have been found evidence from 6500 BC.These areas presently are found in Baluchistan. From this rose the Indus Valley Civilization which was the 1st civilization in South Asia.

In present day, it falls in the geographical regions of India and Pakistan. The Medieval India is all about regional kingdoms and dynasties from 600 to 1200 CE.

The most prominent names include the names of Pandyas and Cholas that ruled India. Also, we find the evolution of Tamil language in manuscripts. The culture of temples was evolving at that time and it soon spread to the areas of present-day Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand. 

Early Modern India dates back to 16th century. Its about the rise and fall of Mughal Empire. There was a system of Silver currency to pay the taxes. The peasants began production in large numbers and soon entered the larger markets.

By the 18th century, the East India Company began to mark its presence in India. They soon overthrew the Indian kingdoms and took over the market and political dominance. 

Modern Indian history began in the mid-19th century, notably from 1850s. People began to become politically conscious and started demanding their rights. Also, it was the time of World War 1 which greatly affected the market in India. There were also the effects of Industrial Revolution.

The Indian National Congress was founded in the year 1885. This led to the rise of one of the greatest Indian Mahatma Gandhi whose birthday on 2nd October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti every year. 


India comprises the bulk of the Indian subcontinent which lies on top of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate. The original tectonic plate survives as the peninsular India which is the most stable region geologically in the entire subcontinent.

The Himalayas lie to the northern part whereas the central part is covered by the Aravallis and Vindhayas.The north eastern part is full of lush green valleys and rivers flowing through them.

The northern part is the Gangetic plane which is known as the rice bowl of the country.

India’s coastline measures 7500+ km in length. It is covered by the Bay of Bengal in the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna are the most prominent rivers flowing through the country. 


India is a mega diverse country which is home to various indigenous species of animals and plants. India is home to 8.6% of mammal species, 6% of amphibian species, 7.9% of reptile species, 13.7% of bird species, 12.2% of fish species and 6.0% of all flowering plant species.

India contains 172 IUCN designated threatened animal species.These include the Bengal tiger and the Ganges river dolphin. The human encroachment has seriously endangered the habitats.

As a result, the Indian Wildlife Protection Act was enacted in 1972.

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries were also established. Forest Conservation Act was enacted in 1980. India is home to 4 biosphere reserves present in the World Network of Biospheres. 

My Country Essay – Culture Paragraph

It is a mixture of traditional styles along with imported taste. Ancient Indian sculptures used highest levels of engineering and described the day to day life of common people.

Some of the world renown literature includes the name of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas etc.The Taj Mahal stands tall as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Poets like Kalidas, Tulsidas, Kabir donned the literature history of our country. Classical Indian music is home to northern Hindustani style and southern Carnatic school.

The better-known folk dances include Bihu of Assam, Bhangra of Punjab, Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu etc. The National School of Drama is the parent body of dramas and theatres present in the country. 


India is home to the world’s largest labour force. The service sector itself is 55.6% of total workforce. It is still a growing economy with an aim to become 6 trillion-dollar economy.

Telecommunications, Automobile, Paper industries are one of the largest industries in the country.However, still there a lot of socio-economic challenges present in the society.

The government has implemented Mid-day Meal scheme to cater to the children in schools. However, still a lot of children remain under nourished. According to 2011 census, there were 10.6 million child labourers in the country which needs to be reduced very soon. 

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