Best My Life Essay in English 200 Words

Firstly true value my life essay in english are written below with basic structure of life and updown and down followed by a journey is explain in simple way. So lets get started –

What is life?

Life is the quality that that separates a living entity from a non-living entity. Life is that characteristic which sustains life and growth in our ecosystem. It gives a sense of meaning to the objects around us. Various forms of life exist in our surroundings. Life can be found in organisms as big as humans and animals to organisms as small as microorganisms. Thus, there is no specific criteria to contain life. All that is needed to have life is that organism should be living and there is growth and development. 

Life is beautiful!!

Life is considered to be the best gift from God. It teaches so many things to us. Life is full of ups and downs. But one must never forget that whatever happens it happens for good only. To me life has been the best teacher. It has taught so many things. Frankly speaking, there will never be any teacher as good as life. We make many mistakes but we also learn from them. One should not get disheartened simply because he makes so many mistakes. The mistakes that we make are considered to be as learning blocks in our lives. Life has also given us so many things that we can cherish and treasure as beautiful memories. It has given us friends, family, culture, tradition and a lot many festivals. 

Very often we hear people say that friends are our lives. I consider this to be 100% true. There are some people who get so much attached with their friends that they understand and feel happiness in its truest form. A true friend stands by our side through thick and thin, in good as well as bad times and in happiness and sadness both. It is thus better to have one true friend rather than having tens of false friends. A true will never leave our side under any circumstances and is a source of constant support to us. I have so many friends and each one of them brings along with them a variety of knowledge on a wide range of topics and adds spice to my life. I would like this opportunity to thank God once again for giving me the gift of several good friends. I really consider myself lucky enough to have bestowed upon such a privilege by the almighty. The list never ends and I hope it will never end. 

Life hits you hard!!!

I have met certain people who no longer have interest in life and they think of dying every single moment. But the greatest mistake they make is that they are forgetting the simple fact that we just have one single life and thus we must enjoy it to the fullest. In spite of all the troubles and hardships, one must never get disheartened and continue to cherish this beautiful gift of God called life. There is not a single person in the world who has not suffered miseries, received failures and sadness. And every time negatives like those come up in front of us, we start to hate our lives. But we keep on forgetting the fact that all these failures give us the energy to rise, the energy to start with new vigour, the energy to fight back and win the fights. Remember the golden line– life is beautiful but only if we make it.

The world is full of bad people. It’s not surprising that every 1 out of 5 people in our country is found to be a bad person. However, in spite of this data, among all of the people we need to differentiate the good from the bad ones. We need to find the one who loves us, who cares for us and the one who will always be there for us no matter what happens in our life. There is no denying of the fact that we need to move on no matter whatever happens. In spite of having good and true friendship, our life is also full of betrayals. There will be heartbreaks and sorrows even from the person who we least expect to give us the troubles. However, as the famous English saying goes– every cloud has a silver lining; we must try to find the positives whenever we get depressed and heart broken. When you get betrayed you get the courage to get up and fight back. Our eyes open up and we begin to see the world through a whole new prospective. But there are also people who lose hope and belief of a comeback and want to end their lives right then and there. This ultimately leads to depression and mental torture. At this stage, people facing such problems should be treated with care and love. But in most of the situations people and friends begin to alienate that person and he/she thus feels more and more lonely. And thus, when the burden becomes too heavy to carry, the person commits suicide. 

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Identify the purpose of life

To make the most of our life the primary task for us is to identify the purpose. It’s quite obvious that god sent us to the world with a mission in his mind and we must be able to identify it. The sooner we identify the better it is for us as we can work towards achieving it. People indulge in different activities to make use of the time. Some like the students study, some do the household chores and look after the family, some work as industrialists and businessmen while there are people who owns and runs their own shops and markets.

It’s not like that people are required to do only 1 work every day. There are many people who indulge themselves to complete more than 1 of tasks every day. People usually do repetitive work; i.e. they work day in and day out. They keep on working until the task is completed. That’s why the concept of holiday was introduced. People work rigorously throughout the weekdays and at the weekend they just sit back and relax. This is necessary because man is a machine; so, like machines man also need to refresh. As the week begins people again start their work and get focused to solve the work and emerge as victorious. This reminds me of the old adage– all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, friends, work hard and party hard at the appropriate times. 

As I said before God has sent us to Earth with a purpose in mind. Our primary work is that we have to identify this purpose and work towards achieving it. When the purpose of life is clear, we must strive hard to achieve it. Doing simple work every day is not enough to be called successful. We must work towards fulfilling the purpose that God has bestowed upon us. When we become clear with our own life purpose, then our task is to help others to identify their life purpose and make it clear to them. This will not only help us in gaining exposure but also help to make our fellow friends achieve success in their lives. Thus, this will make the world a better place to live in. This calls for the adage– sharing is caring.  

Identify the value of life

The world has become busier than it was ever before. The schedule of people has become so hectic that they find no time to treasure and enjoy the simple joys of living. I would like to ask a question to all of u reading this article. How many of you can proudly say that you devote time to your hobbies, give time to do work that you love to do? I’m sure that there will be hardly a few only. Even though you are busy one must find time to enjoy the rain and sip a cup of coffee while watching the rain pour down. Devote your time to kids; they really make you happy when they smile with their heavenly eyes. You can also give time to listen to your favourite music. One must value the relationships and cherish them for a lifetime. Not all the things should be taken for granted and we must treasure them. Being in the middle of friend circle and enjoying the gossips is one of the hallmarks of being successful in life. It keeps the mind young and gives vigour and energy top do work with enthusiasm.

It’s no secret that we are always chasing after fame, glory, money and power. In fact, we have become so obsessed with these things that we have forgotten who we are really. People have become impatient, rude and impolite. Whenever you ask a grown-up man for any fun related activities the most common answer that you are going to hear is that he does not have time. Thus, it’s high time that we have to bring out the inner child inside us. Everyone has that aspect inside his/her soul; it’s just that we have to bring it out. The innocence of child is the need of the hour to make the world a better place to live in. We must try to be polite and develop the friendliness that is present inside a child. That’s why we say a child is another form of god which is so pure at heart. 

Life is a precious gift

Life is a precious gift of God. Life is beautiful because it keeps the world going on and on. It is the beauty of life which makes the world a better place to live in. We must make the most use of life to make relationships and friendships with our near and dear ones. Even when talking with strangers we must ensure that we speak the language of love. It is love that binds us with people and helps to develop the connections and bonds. 

Life is not a bed of roses. There will surely be ups and downs. However, in spite of all these hurdles we must strive to work hard and overcome those challenges. Always remember that there is only one life for us and we must ensure that we make the most use of it. By making use of life, I mean to say that we must not only think of our own success but also try to make the life of our closed ones better. There is no greater satisfaction than helping out a person in distress and seeing him doing well in the future. 

So, stop wasting your life in whining and complaining of the troubles and hardships. The time that we have is limited. So, we should make sure that we appreciate the treasures and memories that we experience day in and day out. At the end of the day we should possess a smile in our face no matter how the day went. This will not only help us to fill with vigour and energy but also help the ones that we pass by or meet in the roads. 

At the end, life is incomplete without a family. So, make time to raise a family and experience the joys of parenthood. At the same time, don’t forget how your parents struggled to raise you. So, always be devoted to them and pay respects all the time. It is said that our parents are next to god. Paying respects to one’s parents and making them happy is like worshipping god. 


In the end, I would like to tell my readers that no matter how rich you become or successful you are in your career, you must never forget your roots. Always be humble and respect every one; from your seniors to juniors to elderly people to your colleagues. And most importantly, bring out the inner child in you and enjoy simple joys found in the nature. It is indeed well said that Life is Beautiful.  

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